Who is Kaneka?

Since 1977, Kaneka Nutrients has commercially manufactured the only yeast-fermented and naturally-derived CoQ10—a CoQ10 that is bioidentical to the enzyme produced naturally in the body.

After 10 years of research, Kaneka Nutrients developed the world’s first and only bioidentical Ubiquinol CoQ10 commercially available for use in supplements. Ubiquinol is proven to support heart health, and researchers continue to explore its other potential health benefits.

Kaneka makes Ubiquinol CoQ10 in the United States and Japan. It sells the nutrient to supplement companies who, in turn, use the ingredient in branded Ubiquinol supplement products.

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What is the NewQ refund policy?

Our Satisfaction Promise

We will gladly issue a refund of the full product price if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase on NewQ.com.

To initiate the refund process request a Return Authorization (RMA) number within 60 days of purchase. To complete the refund process, you will need to return the remaining product to our warehouse. We will e-mail you our warehouse address along with your RMA number.

Please be sure your RMA number is prominently displayed inside the package. We are unable to process returns that don’t have a valid RMA number. We reserve the right to disallow a refund if we believe our return policy is being abused.

Kindly allow up to 15 business days (after we’ve received your package) for funds to be applied back to your debit or credit card.

We proudly offer free standard ground shipping when you purchase a product on our site. Customers occasionally elect to pay an additional fee for expedited shipping and handling. Please note that, like many other retailers, our refunds exclude such expedited fees and also the cost of return shipping.

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